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Madhuram Movie Review

Deepu Asok
Deepu Asok
2 min read
Madhuram Movie Review

Rating: 6.5/10

Overall Review: Don't expect a plot twisting romantic or family drama. The movie excels at the visual treatment of the characters and their settings but lacks any interesting storylines. It has a few emotional scenes towards the end where the performance of the actors are commendable. Overall, a hit and miss movie which could have been much better if they had a stronger storyline.

Key Settings:

  • A government hospital where the key characters meet and share their stories during their stay as bystanders for their loved ones who are admitted in the hospital.
The bystander's room at a govt hospital is the setting where various character meet and form a bond.
  • A gujarati colony and a biriyani restaurant where the flashbacks of Joju's love story with Shruti Ramachandran's character is portrayed.
The kitchen of a local biriyani restaurant in Kochi is where Joju's and Shruti's love story take form over their shared love of food and cooking.

Main Characters: Sabu (Joju George) and Kevin’s (Arjun Ashokan) stories occupy majority of the screen space.

Sabu is here at the hospital taking care of his wife who is now paralyzed due to a spine injury. Kevin on the other hand is the bystander for his mother who is awaiting a critical surgery.

The Plot: As the name suggests, the film depicts the sweetness of relationships between a man and his wife. We are given a visual treat of how Joju and his wife feel in love within the background setting of a biriyani restaraunt's kitchen. The flashbacks that potray Joju's romance makes around 50% of the movie.

Kevin's relationships story is depicted as a direct contrast to the idyllic romantic story of Sabu and his wife. He is a newly married man who is finding it difficult to find a good connection with his wife due to some conflicts betwen his own ailing mother and his newly wed wife. The stress of his mother impending surgery put additonal strain on the relationship.

Positive: The visual treatment of the movie is very refreshing. Kudos to the director of photography Jithin Stanislaus who has added a fresh look and feel to the movie through his unique cinematic frames. The delicions cooking shots of traditional kerala food  took me back to the Salt n Pepper movie.

Negative: The film lacks any real coflict for its central characters. At times, the sugar coated romance of Joju's character seemed to be repetitive without any plot twists.

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