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Deepu Asok

I'm Deepu, a Portfolio Ops Project Manager at Pfizer and writer of the weekly newsletter Asok's Letter.

This site hosts all of my writings on topics such as strategy, innovation, decision-making and project & portfolio management.

I am currently working on my first book whose working title is “Process is the Product”. You can read more about this project here.

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Note: All content on this blog are solely my own and does not represent the views of my employer.

Recent Posts

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How Netflix uses a No BS Culture to build high performance teams.

Culture is the sum total of the behavior of people within a given social structure. The type of behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated and the type of behavior that gets punished gets removed. Culture is that one thing that when done right, turn a small group of people into

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When spreadsheets don’t tell the full story: The role of empathy in innovation.

It was 9 AM on a Friday morning and I was running late for my boarding time at the Chicago O’hare International Airport. After zig zagging through security clearance and a few unhurried travelers, I made it right before boarding time. I was flying to Florida for a human

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Visible and Invisible Innovation

Innovation is a very broad term. From the smartphones we use to make phone calls to the COVID vaccine we received to gain viral immunity falls under the category of innovation. However, not all forms of innovation are tangible. In 1934, Joseph Schumpeter, a renowned Austrian economist who stressed the

Visible and Invisible Innovation